How to Lift a Golf Cart Without a Kit

Ever thought about how to lift a golf cart without a kit? Many people have golf carts, but few know how to lift one. This is a guide to the most effective way to lift the cart and not end up with pieces on the floor. This is a long-term solution to problems that golf cart owners face in the long-term.

It is not as hard as a lot of people think. The hardest part is lifting the golf cart onto the hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lift runs on hydraulic fluid, which needs to be filled up with hydraulic fluid, then connected to the hydraulic pump and lifted into the air. The hydraulic lift uses hydraulic fluid to lift the cart and lower it back onto the ground.

Reasons to Lift a Cart Without a Prefabricated Kit

The main reason to lift a cart without a prefabricated kit is that it is usually less expensive. One can purchase the parts required to lift the cart without the package and save considerable money.

The second reason to lift a cart without a prefabricated kit is that sometimes reports are missing from the package required to complete the assembly.

The third reason to lift a cart without a prefabricated kit is that some people do not want to pay the price. But still, for safety, check out here if you are looking for the best golf cart lift kits.

How to Lift a Golf Cart without a Kit: Step by Step Guide

How to Lift a Golf Cart without a Kit: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Find a sturdy, level surface to place the cart on
  2. Remove the seat from the golf cart
  3. Place blocks of wood under each tire to raise it off the ground
  4. Use a jack and ramps or boards to lift one side of the vehicle at a time
  5. Place the stands under the frame on each side to support the golf cart
  6. Lower the jack slowly until the golf cart is resting on the stands

Benefits of Lifting a Golf Cart Without a Kit

The benefit of lifting a golf cart without a kit is that it saves you a lot of money. You are paying for fabricating the spring steel and the roll cage by spending money on a kit.

A kit can be made with much cheaper steel and more difficult-to-fabricate components. We do not think the kit will be strong as the spring steel, but it may be strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle and the rider.

Not all kits are the same, but the most common ones include the lift arms, a shock, spring steel, a shock mount, and a shackle; the shocks and the lift arms are about $400, and the springs steel and shock mounts are about $100, and the shackle is about $100.

To get these steel parts welded, you need about $100 for labor and about $100 for the welder. The labor cost will depend on the shop you are working with. If you are considering buying a kit, your total cost should be about $1,000. If you plan to build your kit, your total cost will be less than $500. Also, check out the best golf push carts under $100.

Why You Shouldn’t Lift A Golf Cart Without A Kit

Golf carts are a common sight on golf courses and other recreational areas. They’re also the perfect vehicle for getting around when you have an injury or disability that prevents you from walking long distances. But, before you lift one without protection, think again: they can be very heavy and cause serious injuries if not handled correctly.

Lifting a golf cart without a kit is not only dangerous, but it can also void your warranty. Most manufacturers require that you use a special lifting kit when raising the vehicle off the ground. These kits help distribute the golf cart’s weight evenly, preventing damage to the frame or chassis.

If you attempt to lift a golf cart without using a proper lifting kit, you risk damaging yourself and the vehicle. The safest way to raise any vehicle is by using an appropriate set of tools designed for that specific task.

How Big of a Tire Can You Put on a Golf Cart Without a Lift Kit?

A normal golf cart can support a tire up to 10″ with a load of up to 700 pounds; anything bigger than that requires a lift kit. A lift kit should not be necessary if you are just putting on one tire, but if you are planning on going with a new set of tires, like this question asked, then you need a lift kit, as you will put on four tires and they will total to 2200 lbs.

How Hard Is It to Put a Lift on a Golf Cart?

Many potential risks come with installing a lift kit on the cart. Lifting the cart incorrectly can cause severe injury. Before attempting to install the kit, check that the cart is free of damage.

If the kit is not designed for the cart, it might pose a safety hazard and not provide any lift. The lift kit should be installed by a professional, and it is suggested that you seek assistance from an experienced auto technician.

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