Why Do Golfers Wear Hats?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ve probably seen golfers out on the course wearing hats. But why do golfers wear hats?

It’s not just because they look good, but also because they provide protection from the sun and other elements, as well as help, keep the golfer focused on their game. Golf hats have a variety of features designed to keep golfers comfortable and focused, giving them an edge on the course.

They come in a variety of styles and colors, making them an essential accessory for any golfer. So, why do golfers wear hats? Read on to find out!

Protection from the sun

The purpose of golfers’ hats was to protect them from the sun.

Professional golfers spend hours in the sun daily, often in very warm areas. They receive some protection from the sun’s strong rays by wearing hats, which keep the light off their faces and heads.

Due to their prolonged sun exposure, professional golfers face a very real risk of developing skin cancer. To lower their risk of skin cancer from exposure, professional golfers use hats on the Course.

All round focus 

A hat can assist a player in blocking off side distractions in addition to sunlight. Furthermore, they can aid in keeping sweat out of the golfer’s eyes.

Helps improve your vision on the Course

Golfers need to see the ball in flight and the Course up front. Golfers risk missing out on opportunities and encountering potential difficulties on the Course if one or both are not visible.

A pair of sunglasses and a golf hat improve peripheral vision and the view of the Course. Golfers must be conscious of the final location of every shot if they are to have complete control over the ball as they are striking it. One of the most important parts of playing good golf is seeing where your shot lands.


golfer wearing a hat

Some golfers choose to wear hats out of personal preference.

When worn with the right golf attire, a hat can complement your shirt and pants’ colors and look terrific.

Golfers may also don hats that feature their favorite brands or even former competitions they have participated in.

Many people will attend an occasion like the Masters and then purchase a hat to wear as a memento of the occasion and to demonstrate how much they loved their time there.


As they are paid substantial sums of money to do so, professional golfers often sport hats with the logos of their sponsors.

For most professionals, it’s common sense to get paid to wear a company-branded hat. But once more, it differs from person to person. In the golf industry, it is very important which golf manufacturer a professional supports.  Sporting a branded hat is another excellent method to showcase a golf company.

Many things determine how much a professional golfer is paid to wear a hat with a sponsor’s logo. For players on the highest tier of the PGA Tour, it may be over a million dollars or a few thousand dollars for those on the Korn Ferry Tour.

A hat arrangement often forms a small portion of a much bigger overall sponsorship agreement, including golf bag placement and shirt placement.

Types of golf hats

golfer wearing a hat

Baseball caps

The most common type of golf hat is the baseball cap, which most golfers typically favor. Your eyes and face are protected from the sun by the tight-fitting cap’s wide brim.

In addition to being cozy, the baseball cap may be moisture-wicking to help you stay cool as you play.

The hat’s front brim is superb at shielding your face from the sun’s rays and providing you with some level of protection from their harmful rays. Most baseball hats come in all sizes, are simple to maintain and clean, and are available in all colors, with white being the most popular.

Bucket hats 

In the latter part of the 2000s and early 2010, the bucket hat gained popularity. It took the place of the visor as the must-have golf hat.

Some professional golfers choose to wear bucket hats while playing the game. A bucket hat has a 360-degree brim that shields your ears, face, and back of your neck from the elements. It offers the best defense against the sun’s damaging rays.


Golfers used to wear visors far more frequently than they do now. A front brim and a strap around your head make up a visor. They resemble baseball hats that don’t have a top.

While a visor lacks a top and cannot shield your head from the sun, it can offer some protection from the sun for your face and eyes.

The visor is used in regions with especially hot weather since it might be difficult to remain cool while wearing a hat.

Visors are also popular among female golfers because, unlike a typical baseball cap, they do a superb job keeping the hair in place.

When it comes to pricing, a visor is usually a wise decision because they are frequently much less expensive as the hat is made of less fabric.

Straw hat

A straw hat resembles a cowboy hat; however, it is made of straw instead. Due to Greg Norman, a prominent golfer, wearing one, straw hats gained popularity.

Golfers who have experienced skin cancer concerns, like Rory Sabbatini, have been known to wear straw hats, which offer excellent sun protection like the bucket hat.


Beanies are not frequently seen on golf courses, but when they are, you know it is chilly outside.

When the weather becomes chilly, beanies are the golfers’ go-to cap, and they use the beanies to keep their heads warm.


When picking what to wear on the Course, golfers should consider the benefits of the hat.

As a result, there are several hat varieties available. In the end, as long as you appropriately abide by the dress code of the Course you play, you have the choice of what to wear when playing golf.